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Sales Compensation Design and Implementation Services

Because companies face a variety of challenges when they seek to create a new or revised sales compensation plan, we offer several services so that a client may choose one or more that best fits their needs and requirements.

Sales Compensation Plan Assessment

Because sales compensation is a significant financial investment, we help companies assess the degree to which a current plan is contributing to desired business objectives. Using our Guide to Compensation Plan Assessment Analyses, a company can assemble relevant data and complete a series of analyses to determine if the current sales compensation plan is driving desired selling behavior and contributing to expected business results. Through Colletti Fiss LLC’s involvement in sales plan assessment, management gains an objective understanding of strengths and weakness of the current plan and, thus, an itemization of the opportunities for enhancement.

Sales Compensation Plan Design

Frequently, a plan assessment will validate the need for a new or revised sales compensation plan. We assist our clients with job design – particularly with the sales incentive compensation plan (commission, bonus or both). We use a collaborative, team-oriented process that involves both Colletti Fiss and client resources in the design work. Typically, the design work covers:

  • Recommended sales compensation philosophy including guiding principles to follow when making decisions about plan design details
  • Incentive plan design details (formula and formula mechanics)
  • Performance scenarios and cost-modeling to finalize plan design

Sales Compensation Plan Implementation

Changes in sales compensation are among the most difficult changes a company can make in its sales organization. After top management has approved a new sales plan for implementation, drawing upon our experience and library of best practices, we can assist HR/compensation, Sales Operations staff and sales leaders with new plan launch. Typically, sales implementation work includes:

  • Plan documentation and plan descriptions (by job/job family)
  • Plan Terms and Conditions document
  • Scripted presentations about new plan(s)
  • Front line manager readiness to manage with a new plan based on participation in our successful “Managing with Sales Incentives” training course

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