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Sales Performance Management Services

At many companies the sales organization is complex. They deploy multiple sales channels and offer broad lines of products and services. Also, customer requirements change constantly. Frequently, sales executives express frustration over performance mis-management. Measures, standards, tracking and crediting are out of sync with one another, with business objectives, or with both. In response to the question, “where do we start”, we offer three services to help our clients optimize sales performance management efforts.

Sales Performance Appraisal

Selecting the right sales performance measures to use when judging sales success is the first step in the process. This requires that top managers and sales executives are clear about what the business should achieve. Also, it is important to confirm that measures selected are ones that employees in sales and service roles can influence through reasonable effort and behavior. Through workshops and process facilitation we help our client select the right performance measures and prioritize their importance particularly for use in sales compensation plans.

Quota or Goal Assignment

Selecting the right sales performance measures is important. Equally important is the flip side: performance objectives. Performance objectives are the goals a company assigns to sales or service people. Sales goals, often called quotas, are quite helpful in planning and managing the sales effort. Many companies use quotas as the basis for evaluating performance and, in turn, paying sales incentive compensation. We help our clients evaluate the effectiveness of sales quota allocation practices and, if corrective action is required, we map out steps to improve the use of quotas in sales performance management.

Sales Crediting Assessment

In recent year, companies have added sales channels and place more emphasis on the use of multiple sales resources – e.g., Account Managers assisted by Sales Specialists and Technical Support staff – in doing business with customers. This change has increased the importance of adopting well defined sales crediting policies and procedures. Because sales crediting also directly impacts the sales compensation plan, it is important that the rules are clear about when, how much, and to whom sales should be credited. We help our clients assess the effectiveness of current sales crediting practices and, based on our library of best practices in a wide variety of B2B sales environments, we can recommend improvements in those practices.

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