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04/13/16: What to Consider Before Killing a Commission Plan

From time to time an article appears in the press that argues it is inappropriate to pay sales people through commission...

Sales and Services Job Design Services

Job contamination is a leading cause of poor sales productivity. Job contamination is caused by either blending together two or more dissimilar roles or combining competing or conflicting sales activities in the same job. Because a key sales compensation principle is to pay the salesperson for the role his/her job plays in attracting, retaining and expanding business with customers, sales executives should confirm that the sales organization operates without contaminated jobs.

We view the definition of a sales or service job as one of the most important “inputs” to the job design of a successful sales compensation plan. The job design should appropriately align job requirements and tasks with customer and product requirements to optimize the solutions that a particular company’s sales force can deliver.

With that perspective in mind, and based on our expertise in working with companies that use a wide variety of sales models, we assist clients with the task of either confirming or clarifying their sales or services jobs through a consulting project that:

  • Examines changes in current business and sales strategy as they pertain to the sales model that a company uses to do business with its customers
  • Validates or recommends clarification in job charter – that is the description of the “essence” of the job
  • Assesses key accountabilities and implications for performance measures and goals relevant to each job engaged in the sales and service process with customers
  • Evaluates the completeness of the sales and service process and the interaction of jobs within that process

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