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Slow Start to Q1 – Are Fast Start Sales Incentives Right for Your Sales Force?

With Q1, 2013 results in hand, many companies are now focused on the probability that the annual business plan will be met or exceeded. In companies where there is a Q1 shortfall, to gain or accelerate momentum in business growth, top management look to their sales forces to accelerate sales results.

Because sales reps hold valuable relationships with customers, motivating and rewarding the right behavior is Job #1 for the sales compensation plan. Companies may risk, however, those valued relationships with customers when “turbo-charged” incentive techniques are misused. One incentive technique that is particularly attractive to companies when regaining sales growth momentum is fast start bonuses.

If your company is contemplating the use of a fast start bonus in Q2 or HY 2013 and, you have questions about…

  • What is a fast start sales incentive plan
  • Business situations that are right for fast start sales incentives
  • Common fast start incentive techniques
  • Return fast start sales incentives can provide

…see our article, “Gaining a Motivational Edge through a Fast Start Sales Incentive”,