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Colletti-Fiss Contributes to Sixth Edition of McGraw-Hill’s Compensation Handbook

On June 5th, McGraw-Hill will publish the 6th Edition of The Compensation Handbook: A State of the Art Guide to Compensation Strategy and Design.  

Previously, CF contributed to the 4th and 5th editions of the Handbook. We are pleased to be among the 63 contributing authors who have made important revisions to this transformative edition that will enable compensation and human resources practitioners to:

  • Provide a road map for creating a fully defined compensation strategy for any organization
  • Design and implement an approach for attracting and retaining talent that will remain relevant into the future
  • Present programs that allow for the seamless alignment of historic best practices with the latest tools, methods and diagnostics in compensation

CF’s chapter contribution to the edition of the Handbook is titled “Sales Compensation: Aligning Plan Design with a Talent Retention Strategy”.  A fundamental premise of this chapter is that high-caliber-sales talent contribute to a unique competitive advantage in relationships with customers because those relationships enable a company’s sales people to outcome peers in other companies. Thus, incorporating a company’s sales talent strategies into the compensation plan design process can ultimately contribute to high performance for a business.

You can learn more about the Handbook, its authors and content once the book is available by visiting any one of the following three sites:



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