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Assessing Sales Compensation Plan Effectiveness: One Size Does Not Fit All

Next to the widely held opinion that sales compensation plans contribute to business success is an expectation that there is one best way to assess plan effectiveness.  Many of us grew up with the “magic bullet” concept that science was going to invent this one universal panacea that would solve our problems through all of time!  Unfortunately, the “magic bullet” concept does not apply to sales compensation plan assessment.  There is no one best way of assessing plan effectiveness.

We believe that there is a range of three alternative approaches to plan assessment.  At WorldatWork’s Spotlight on Sales Compensation Conference, September 10, 2013, we presented a working session on this topic that:

  • Explained assessment basics
  • Identified the three levels of assessment
  • Provided a perspective about when and how to match an assessment to a particular business situation
  • Described each assessment approach and how to present results to management
  • Summarized key principles in selecting the right approach to assessment

To view a copy of that presentation, go to: