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5 Tips for Winning C-Suite Approval for Next Year’s Sales Compensation Plan

In many companies, this time of year is when plan designers (Sales Ops, HR/Comp, Sales Finance) focus attention on determining if change is required in the sales compensation plan.  Typically, when change is recommended, gaining approval for the new plan involves a presentation to C-suite executives.  Over the years, we have observed hundreds of such presentations and found that the three biggest missteps in selling a new or revised sales compensation plan to C-suite executives are:

  • The core message is wrong
  • Questions from different points of views are not anticipated nor answers to them prepared prior to the presentation
  • Potential holes in execution are not identified or addressed and, therefore, distract from new plan design and its expected outcomes

To help design teams avoid these errors and successfully gain approval for a new plan in a timely manner, we’ve identified 5 tips to follow in preparing and delivering your presentation to C-suite executives.  The description of each is provided in our article, “Engaging C-Suite Executives in the Approval of a Sales Compensation Plan” at, available at: