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04/13/16: What to Consider Before Killing a Commission Plan

From time to time an article appears in the press that argues it is inappropriate to pay sales people through commission...

What Makes Us Unique

Each consulting firm is unique. Colletti-Fiss’ approach to our work with clients is characterized in three ways:


Because we understand all aspects of sales and customer relationship management, we help guide client decision making toward solutions that contribute to increased business results.

Speed, Yet Thoroughness.

Either Jerry Colletti or Mary Fiss are involved in each client project. This means that the work we undertake is completed efficiently and quickly because of the depth and breadth of our experience. Also, we have and use tools that reduce cycle time in projects.

“Real time” Consensus Building Around Practical Solutions.

Much of our work with clients is accomplished in workshops and team meetings.
On the surface, that may not appear to be unique because others use similar
processes. What makes our approach unique is that we focus on addressing and resolving tough sales effectiveness issues in “real time” so that decision-making can go aggressively forward rather than be delayed.